Monday, May 31, 2010

Dabbling in writing

Eversince I could remember, I never had a problem with writing, it was probably one of the areas where I excelled most in school. However, neither the elementary school nor high school I attended, had a writing club where I could have allowed my artistic talents to flower. In college, there did happen to be one, but at the time, I had far better things to do in my whole 18-year-old smartypant's opinion. Blame it also on birth order. I was the middle child - the underachiever. My parents never had overly high expectations of me and never pushed me to study and so I never bothered either and was always just mediocre. I must say that passing though, was usually effortless for me. Looking back, I guess I do wish that someone had been more strict with me. Who knows what I'd have accomplished by now? Take for example a girl with whom I took some post-grad courses with. She went on to do a short teaching stint at our old High School, got fed up and continued on to Med School. Thirteen or so years later, she is a doctor. Meanwhile, I, on the other hand, did a short stint too at a law office in Manila, eventually also got fed up and decided to move back to Montreal. By now I have a clerical job and may not own a cookie-cutter house with a white picket fence but hey! I do have a magnificent and unobstructed view of the Home Depot from my high perch, a loving hubby and two beautiful kids. Now, do I regret things? Not really. But just the other day at the Jewish General, I bumped into another Asian girl of almost the same slight physique and petite stature as mine, probably even younger than myself, a resident, I assumed, the stethoscope slung around her neck giving it away, and I went, hmmm...

Going back to the subject of writing. With Quebec being bilingual (French & English), finding a job in my field wasn't easy because of my deplorable French, so I did a 180 turn. I took a short year and a half vocational bookkeeping course to at least get my foot in the door of the work force, so to speak. The subjects in the curriculum besides the accounting, included, among others, French & Office Management. We also had an English course. Our class was made up predominantly by immigrants from all over. Remember it was a vocational course with about 15 subjects, the duration of each being around three weeks. So to teach an actual, conventional English grammar course would've been quite ambitious, daunting and simply futile. So what we did for three weeks instead was, each day our teacher would give us an article that we would have to summarize or condense. I think our teacher kind of undermined our capabilities because she discouraged us from deviating or departing too much from the original text so it wouldn't be to difficult or so she thought. What was she talking about? No one was struggling with the task at hand. And I did as much highfalutin' as I pleased. Before the end of the daily one hour class we would hand in our work and the next day we'd get our results. I usually received, surprise, surprise! some pretty good remarks from my teacher, but one morning, she summoned me, and she was in stitches - she was quite amused at what I had written the day before. The article we had to summarize was about, of all things, the camel. The article sang the oriental beast of burden praises, so in a nutshell, I described the animal as being "versatile." My teacher argued that the adjective was more fitting for an inanimate object such as a Swiss knife, but I begged to differ, why can't a camel be considered versatile anyways?! To this day, I still wonder if her peals of laughter were called for (lol). You see I don't take to criticism very well especially if it's unwarranted (lol).

Anyways, with the advent of Facebook, came the opportunity to post my so-called fantastical one-liners. I had read someone's suggestion somewhere that maybe they should compile their funny expressions for when the novelty of Facebook one day fades. But I had a better idea, I had been meaning to create my own blog for sometime now but just wasn't sure how to go about it. And now that it is finally set up, I reserve Facebook for my little quips and the excess - the "and them some" - filters down to my blog. I had promised that I would spruce up it's appearance, but that's an activity I will, again, reserve for the days when I'm stricken with writer's block, when the creative juices just won't flow....

New Endeavor

I must say that I was totally caught off guard by my hubby of almost eight years' reaction to my out-of-the-blue, dead serious announcement in the car today on our way to our weekly congregation meeting, that, I, was going to become a other words, was to create a blog!!! I was dumbfounded because I was rather expecting him to shoot me an incredulous look and roll his eyes (in true Kumar fashion....for those who know him personally, you know what I mean, hahahaha!) and mutter: "OK there, Aimee"!!! The way he usually does when I belt out Nickelback or Lady GaGa or whoever it is I fancy at any given moment, the very same reaction that had sent me sulking countless times for his non-support of my singing career. But, alas! None of that, this time he actually mused, "Hmmmm, what if you actually became popular and have a cult following, you know, like JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter"??? Although we both truly knew deep down inside that that would never happen, not in a milllion years, that is. Nevertheless, admittedly, I was flattered! So, it is with Kumar's blessing and bated breath (!) that I post my very first, no, actually, my second blog post!!!!

Love, Aimee:)

To Kumar: Do you still remember giving me that old, brittle, dog-eared and yellowing-paged dictionary that had definitely seen better days, and then, out of pity, buying me that new pocket-size dictionary from Indigo? No? Well, I do!...I love you, Honey!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Channing Tatum and Hugh Laurie....

I found it too cute the other day how my two nieces namely: Winona, 14 & Yvette, 12 gushed in unison "Channing Tatum! (gasp)" at my mere mention of wanting to watch the movie G.I. Joe, in which he stars. And who else did they like again? Let me see, Hockey player Mike Cammalleri of the Montreal Canadiens and David Beckham? Uh oh, I think my big bro Al is in trouble! Now going back to Channing Tatum. I, being the 33 year old stay at home mom that I am, well at least for the time being, whose life pretty much revolves around her two munchkins again namely: Maya, 4 and Jaden, 14 months, didn't know much about Channing (ooooh aren't we familiar and cozy in a first-name basis kind of way - in my dreams!!!) except that he played the lead role as "John" in the movie of his character's namesake, uh, "Dear John!" and so took it upon myself, thinking it might be quite worthwhile, the task of delving deeper into the person behind the name. Hardly a difficult undertaking in this time and age, as it simply involved the typing of his name into a search engine and with one easy click of a button, voila! or should I say Bing! A plethora of information was produced right at my disposal - at the top of the list being Wikipedia's biography of the babe which I skimmed through. Another entry in particular, though, that caught my eye, was one person named Rebby's subjective list as to who she thought were the world's most beautiful men, Channing of course making the list along with Wentworth Miller of Prisonbreak fame, Taye Diggs, etc. (My friend Sherry and sole blog follower had begged me to include Robert Pattinson on the list, but no can do, sweetie, it's not my list, sorry!!!) Hmmm, you know the type: let me see, hunky, hot, virile (lol)! And while I totally "digged" how certain ones were included, I couldn't quite comprehend how Hugh Laurie AKA Dr House to the remote control-wielding couch potato sort made the cut, not until Farah, that is, veteran blogger and old elementary school classmate who I've recently reconnected with through Facebook, pointed out to me how "sexy" he really is. Of course, I acknowledged his intelligence and talent as an actor from the get-go, no kidding! It takes oodles of talent to portray a believable character and a doctor at that, but to be mentioned among the company of the likes of Patrick Dempsey and Jared Leto and yes, Ryan Reynolds?...I just felt that he was sticking out like a sore thumb. But in order to be fair, I gave it much thought and finally conceded. No, actually I didn't have to give it much thought, I just gave Hugh's (again first-name basis, baby!) picture a hard and long look and suddenly, I realized how cute he really actually is...kinda cookie but an awwww-eliciting way!!! Hugh Laurie? Awwwwww, shall I add hearts like my nieces embellish their facebook status updates, and probably everything else for that matter? Hugh Laurie...awwww ♥♥♥

By the way, this blog was born out of the need for a bigger and better medium and hopefully a bigger audience for my ever copious ramblings. Apparently, the status update box on Facebook, I had just found out (much to my dismay), can only accomodate up to 420 characters which could hardly be enough to hold, like I just said, the abundant thoughts that issue forth from my "lonely mind"....and oh! I do promise to "beautify" this page...whenever it is, that is, I get 'round to it!!!