Monday, May 31, 2010

New Endeavor

I must say that I was totally caught off guard by my hubby of almost eight years' reaction to my out-of-the-blue, dead serious announcement in the car today on our way to our weekly congregation meeting, that, I, was going to become a other words, was to create a blog!!! I was dumbfounded because I was rather expecting him to shoot me an incredulous look and roll his eyes (in true Kumar fashion....for those who know him personally, you know what I mean, hahahaha!) and mutter: "OK there, Aimee"!!! The way he usually does when I belt out Nickelback or Lady GaGa or whoever it is I fancy at any given moment, the very same reaction that had sent me sulking countless times for his non-support of my singing career. But, alas! None of that, this time he actually mused, "Hmmmm, what if you actually became popular and have a cult following, you know, like JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter"??? Although we both truly knew deep down inside that that would never happen, not in a milllion years, that is. Nevertheless, admittedly, I was flattered! So, it is with Kumar's blessing and bated breath (!) that I post my very first, no, actually, my second blog post!!!!

Love, Aimee:)

To Kumar: Do you still remember giving me that old, brittle, dog-eared and yellowing-paged dictionary that had definitely seen better days, and then, out of pity, buying me that new pocket-size dictionary from Indigo? No? Well, I do!...I love you, Honey!!

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