Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ok, so I'm quite relieved that some two weeks after his hair mishap/"Bieber gone disaster"/it's called the one who cut it (who we won't mention here!) lacks the dexterity to cut a straight line/it's jaden's fault for not holding still, Jaden's looking half-decent, with a little help of course from my friend/pro/my very own hairdresser, Lyne, who I heart, heart, heart!!!!

I'm also glad that some three weeks after Jaden's bout of the flu, he has finally beefed up again after having lost all of his chub from going on a self-declared hunger strike for an entire week. Somehow, his doctor's reassurance that "kids won't starve themselves to death" and that "he'll eat at some point" didn't offer me any comfort and did very little to allay my fears. I'd say his "taking up" ice cream at grandma's had a lot to do with his weight gain, though, which is really a typically grandma-ish thing to do: spoil and indulge the grandkids with things they'd never imagine giving their own children back in the day or even now!

I figured I'd allow him a considerable amount of latitude with the whole ice-cream thing, temporarily, that is. And bought us some on the next grocery run. But there's a reason why I don't buy ice cream and keep it in the house: because I will decimate it in no time. And sure enough, we finished the whole tub between the three of us (Maya) within a day. At one point, Jaden od'd on it and was shivering from the cold - I guess that officially makes me an evil evil mom!!!

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