Friday, April 1, 2011

A few days ago, I was on a grocery run at Maxi's and was standing just short of catatonically in the middle of the toiletries aisle, fruitlessly racking my brain as to the need for what exactly had brought me there...a good five minutes later, I gave up trying, cashed my provisions and took off. Of course I remembered the very minute I got home and stepped through the door, "shavers, d'oh, shavers"!!!!

The next day, Sheryl and I went on one of our whirlwind shopping lunches. I was relating to her that incident from the day before, "Shavers, shavers -that's what I needed" I recounted, a bit loudly as we entered Pharmaprix. Two employees stocking up the shelves had caught the tail-end of our convo, and one of them enthusiastically chimed in: "Yes!!! Shavers!!! Because it's summer"!!! Yup, summer's coming indeed!!!

*note to self: Good Housekeeping says to "make lists in order to increase productivity." Wise words to live by!

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