Sunday, April 24, 2011

Source Code Spoiler

Re: Source Code. Think of it as an action movie version of Groundhog Day. Without criticizing Bill Murray himself or his acting (because we like Bill Murray!) whatever luster his character in the movie lacked was definitely compensated for (and more!) in Lost in Translation, and whatever sensory stimuli Groundhog's plot gipped us of, is definitely supplied in Source Code. Protagonist Colter Stevens is the guinea pig for a military project, developed around the existence of the "source code" - the brain's "black box" record of an individual's last minutes. He is made to re-live this eight minute window of an ill-fated Chicago commuter train passenger, over and over again, with the hope that he will recover info as to the identity of the train's bomber. With his photographic memory, everytime, Stevens is able to pick up more and more details and ultimately uses them to devise a plan to alter what happens, "thwarting" the unspeakable tragedy.

* In reply to my fave writer Jessica Zafra's question, "since when did Jake Gyllenhaal get so hot"??? Easy-peasy: since Prince of Persia!


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  2. Then why were you looking for a spoiler in the first should have searched for a review instead....better yet just watched the movie without any pre-conceived notion. Idiot ka rin pala, eh...

  3. anon: in a gracious and personal display of humility, I'm revising the title of the post...i removed your comment because i have zero tolerance for foul language in this blog, i apologize for the spoiler but i'd like to suggest if i may na just watch the movie would you, there's a lot more to it than that....