Saturday, January 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Metro

As promised, my new blog has arrived! Please check out my other (bratty) brainchild again born out of an urgent need for some serious cathartic diversion, and inspired by all of you and life with its wack dips and bends! As it has already been explained on a previous post, my new blog will cater to the visual-learner, particularly the slightly more-evolved than average male ages 15 and up with a heightened sense of style and elevated fashion taste albeit with a short attention span, too! This blog, however, as always, will remain text-based and will continue to serve anyone literate, from your average reader (bathroom, speed, etc.) to the literary-elite (lol), the curious or downright nosy folk who always pay rapt attention to the goings-on within and without our household and to the inner workings of my mind! A gazillion thanks guys for your support! I sooo love you all!!!

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