Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Is it just me, or has my new blog already eclipsed this one in "popularity?" (lol) So while people still have to mind their behavior around me, they also have to be wary of what they wear, especially if they're male, slobbiness totally unacceptable! But that's not why I'm rotfl. Again, I know it's kind of too late now to retract my words, but I shouldn't have said that 52 Weeks of Metro was going to be a "photo-blog" because it really isn't a photography blog per se, it's just a fashion blog with photographs as visual aids, the text still being an integral part of it, I'm still Kumar's not necessarily invisible ghost-writer.

Apparently, as it had been brought to my attention, I've made almost every mistake conceivable, photographically-speaking - from taking pictures of objects on glass, to a really, really poor one of my hapless husband - well, not that he looks horrible, it was just really, really badly taken and hardly did the guy justice! And I haven't quite figured out how to work the Image-Stabilizer, either. I think (basic) photography courses really are in order, but considering my circumstances, "Photography for Dummies" will just have to do. Back to the drawing board!

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