Thursday, January 6, 2011

First order of business: nothing exciting to report, oh, except that I got socked in the eye (again), by Kumar. Haha, no, it's not a case of conjugal violence, not in our household, here we just name-call (cough). Actually, it's an infection, which I must've caught from Jaden who picked it up from one of his pint-sized buddies at the daycare around two weeks ago. We didn't have any other choice than to just let the condition run its course. Jaden wouldn't let us anywhere near his eyes again, after the first time we tried to treat them with drops, when we had to pin him down and pry his eyes open, the poor thing. It's either I got it from him, or I've slacked off on my scrupulous borderline OCD eyecare regimen, or both. They're both surefire ways to get pinkeye, ickk, don't you just hate that name??? Now I've inherited the drops and have the pleasure of using them (they're sterile, ok?) - it's loads of fun. I'm stuck too with my beer-bottom glasses, it's like high school all over again (sob) and I've also had to relinquish the eye-kohl for the past two days - it sucks when you're practically legally blind because of a genetic predisposition towards really bad eyesight as an Asian, but I won't sweat something that was beyond my control, besides it's manageable. What's really funny, is how Kumar's got me and my towel quarantined, God forbid he catches it too. I'm really feeling the love. He might be in trouble, though. Old-wives' tales have it that you can get it by merely looking at someone with it, sounds logical, hahahaha - ah, me and my first world problems...zzzz....

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