Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Green Hornet

So I think Seth Rogen nailed his Britt Reid/the Green Hornet character. Well, one would hope so especially since he co-wrote the movie, which I think makes the guy just short of genius - he's hyper and hilarious and I totally dig him and found myself (mentally) finishing all of the punchlines the way sweethearts end each other's sentences - or at least, are supposed to!

I read a review criticizing the "body count" in the movie, hmmm, true, there were some very fleeting graphic scenes/images of comic-book violence where you should really get your (older) kids to avert their eyes but again, really comes as no surprise in this sad time and age when Obama's sick puppy-streaker's antic aroused more sympathy than outrage (lol). But that's my personal point of view. As much as the movie is supposed to be an action-comedy, to me it was actually quite sobering and served as a poignant reminder of the role and responsibility of media in today's world. I, of course liked how it legitimized blogging as a serious form of communication (wazzz uppp!!!) Well, ok, it might have been a bit misleading because no editor-in-chief will ever amass as much wealth as Britt's mogul dad, James Reid did in his abruptly abbreviated lifetime (especially working for a Canwest outfit) but, the movie drove home the point that the pen is in fact, a weapon, and how no sum of hush money or amount of terrorizing to silence will ever extinguish the fire within an ardent writer (even of one just starting in her "twilight," ok, that was from the movie, too, which kind of hit a bit too close to home lol!). Just watch the movie and you'll see!!!

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