Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Saturday's Loooowwwdown!

Lesson learned: When somebody either feigns or shows genuine interest in wanting to know how your weekend was like, never shrug and non-committaly respond "Aah, uneventful." This week's been a total write-off and I have absolutely nothing even remotely exciting to talk about other than the lowdown of my day: the highlight? There are no highlights! lol. So Jaden's condition has now reached this plateau where he's neither getting better nor worse, he'd run a fever, and I'd get him to take his Tylenol (after much coaxing and exaggerating!) it'd go down, the fever, that is, but after four hours would elaspse, he'd burn up again. Therefore, I figured this warranted a trip to the clinic, (the second time this week) and so this morning, with Maya in tow, the three of us set out to St. Mary's. Yup, so we enjoyed some Spring-like weather the past few days and it was awesome while it lasted but, the temperatures had since plummeted back to a more seasonal cold which made for some very black icy roads today - it's aptly called darn black 'coz you can't see it on the pavement especially under that lovely seemingly innocuous overnight dusting of snow (cough!). So, some punk tries to cut me off, I instinctively hit the brakes on a patch of ice and go careening dangerously close onto the opposite lane, I swear, I see my whole life flash before my eyes! And to think, too that we got set back a couple a hundred, getting our fender fixed just last week!!!

Unnerved and a bit shaky, I have no choice but to carry on, and drop Maya at Grandma's, I figure, I'll take advantage, and leave Jaden there, too, while I head downtown to get his medicare card which, I had just remembered (d'oh!) had forgotten to ask back from Kumar when he took the baby to the doctor last Wednesday. On the way, I pick up my complimentary copy of the FF, am amused to see that my last article is actually on the Editorial page this time and that my name is also included on its list of 'writers,' ok, I'll take that! Because that's really the main reason I had decided to write for them: to get published, lol and maybe to offset, too, the big hit I took, purchasing that fake CG jacket online, lol, no, not the one I wear - that one's real! But wait I actually got a refund for the first jacket after sending it back, yesss waaayyy!!! Ok, so going back, I negotiate the Decarie and arrive downtown, but Kumar's still in a meeting, so I pick up a pastry and coffee at Pain Dore and savor ten blissful minutes of 'me' time. OK, the ten minutes is up, I meet Kumar who's looking all spiffy, take the card, and drive to get Jaden.

I get there, and Grandma's quite pleased that she had managed to get him to eat, among other things, soup and drink, uh, tea, ok, you know you're Sri Lankan,, anyways, I'm actually quite impressed, as I haven't been nearly as successful in getting food into him this past week, and he's lost all of his chub :( So, I decide to just leave Maya there for the entire weekend, take Jaden and finally proceed to the hospital, negotiate more potholes on the way, find parking, and twenty million years later, walk into St. Mary's!!! After roughly an hour and a half in the waiting room full of sick people, Jaden gets seen by the doctor, we head home the usual way, but the Junction off the 40 onto the 15 North is closed so traffic's being redirected to Acadie rendering it a parking lot. I spend a good fifteen minutes there bumper to bumper during which, I notice a funky smell, emanating from the backseat, I sit bolt upright, turn around and to my horror, Jaden's covered in Grandma's soup and's all over his $15 H&M "Moncler" jacket, and his new Zara rugby shirt!!! and it's beginning to seep down onto his carseat...never complain that you have no life because it will turn on!

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  1. It's amazing what kind of stains and other debris you'll find on a carseat,true specimens of what life with kids wing your way!! Why do you think hugh grant in his movie "about a boy deliberately put a carseat in his car complete with cookie crumbs and other junk just to impress single moms!! You must be one of those supermoms to pull off keeping cool under that kind of situation ,traffic,grandma's soup turned smelly ooze all over a moncler Jacket in traffic, in Montreal traffic on top of that!! Hillarious Sis!!!!