Thursday, September 2, 2010

Villa Armando

That's the name of the gelato and panini place in the upscale neighbourhood of TMR we've been hanging out at with friends to beat this summer's epic heat and to satisfy our late-night sweet-toothy cravings. They serve this flavour of gelato that I've been wanting to try called Mt. Vesuvio but somehow I'd always end up with my tried and true fave of either raspberry or mango and gooey chocolate sherbet. Going back to Vesuvio, it's named after the Italian Volcano (English: Mt. Vesuvius) that totalled Pompeii and it's sister city of Hernaculeum in 79 AD, burying them in six meters of ash and pumice. No, the gelato doesn't look like a miniscale volcano, so much like a fifth-grader's science project, but rather what I believe it's supposed to replicate is ground zero in the aftermath of that fateful catastrophic volcanic eruption with, if my photographic memory serves me right, extra creamy and real vanilla gelato as the base replete with rich, dark and decadent chocolate syrup swirled in for "lava" and copious chunks of chocolate bar and nuts for "boulders" & "rocks" strewn all over for one helluva a mess of yummy goodness. Seriously, if ever I'm down to eating "dirt," this is the kind I won't mind devouring in large quantities, yeah, by the pintful!!!

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