Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Jessica Alba?

No, no one has actually outright asked me that, although, I'm sure it must have at least crossed some of my readers' minds and that her rather conspicuous face just being on my blog like that might have elicited a couple of smirks, a chuckle or two, an eye-roll, and perhaps an "ok, there!" like yah, just who does she think she is??? (me, that is) But it's all good, it's all good and granted, it is a valid question that totally merits an explanation of sorts. So then, why Jessica Alba??? After all, she's not representative of me, is she??? No, I don't neccesarily resemble her and uh, vice-versa (lol). For one thing, I'm not as well-endowed, in fact I'm soooo not as well-endowed that I could almost be asexual (lol).

I recall a friend of ours, JP, who had a thing for Jessica, he said that her only "flaw," if you could call it that, was that she was a brunette. So when she went blond to play Sue Storm, he got really excited, no actually, he was floored - to him she had the whole package, she was the whole package. I also remember a segment on Sesame Street featuring Alba winsomely teaching Cookie Monster I believe it was, the meaning of the word "scrumptious," fitting wouldn't you say? Mmmmm, scrumptious, hahaha, poor Cookie was practically reduced to a glob of blue putty in her hands! So she's everything I'm not, but in my fantasy (not fantastical) world, I get to be anyone I want including this superhero/femme-fatalish, not because I ever want to be the object of a cohort of men's lusty desire and a locker room staple (yuck), I just thought it cool (lol).

And so when I was designing my blog and decided that I would post up a picture of some cool female action persona, my search efforts reaped me some very interesting results and possiblilities, unfortunately most of them were decidedly, uh, too provocative and inappropriate, all except for Jessica Alba. As Sue Storm, she seemed sweet and had had to be the tamest one of them all (just like me:)). So there you have it, and I hope that answers the burning (lol) question, why (the heck) Jessica Alba?

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