Saturday, October 9, 2010

Disney Saturday

I got free tickets to the Disney Princesses on Ice show at the Bell Center this morning, courtesy of my company (thank you, SAJO!) - the coolest thing about them (besides being free!) is that they were "loge" or private box tickets, where you get the V.I.P treatment complete with snackies and a hostess waiting on you! I mean I could definitely get used to that, as well as to other fun things like valet parking, flying first class, hot towels, trou normands, complimentary mimosas, etc, etc...although I guess, like everything else, their novelty would eventually fade and become ordinary if enjoyed too often as the norm of a privileged & charmed life-style...then one would just be left bored, jaded, disillusioned, wondering, is this all there is to life?! I know I'd be, but until I reach that level (very unlikely) they'll remain as special extras totally worth blogging about!

Obviously, Disney on Ice productions could never eclipse a visit to an actual Disneyland/world, I know, because we were fortunate my parents took my brother & I when we were kids, but in my opinion it might be the next best thing, you still get quite the Disney experience, all in a comfy climate-controlled environment minus the ridiculously long lineups that snake all around the park. For this show, the fairytales are adapted to an hour and a half ice-skating spectacle so in some respects, a bit of the dramatic effect is lost, for example, when the prince kissed sleeping beauty to rouse her from her long slumber, she really gets up in a hurry and wastes no time to join her hero in a special dance-skate number - whereas on screen, we know that the scene is played out quite differently, they kind of linger in the moment: he opens the voile enveloping sleeping beauty's four-post bed, plants a kiss on her lips, she slowly stirs, opens her eyes, yawns, stretches, and then finally gets up (lol) - it is, after all, the pivotal moment of the story & she had been asleep too for a very long period of time! Or I found it a bit disappointing as well when Cinderella disembarks from her grand coach after an equally grand entrance, clad only in a toned down flimsy figure skating-friendly version of the light blue frou frou ballgown (i mean, i like frou!) that I was really anticipating, but then, you quickly realize how both impractical and not to mention hazardous sporting a crinoline could be whilst gliding around arabesque and through those
crazy lifts! - I know one of the svelte skaters literally belly-flopped and had to exit the rink discreetly, the poor girl! So, there are only so many highlights that they can cram into a show of that length, nevertheless, it's still great to see the characters in real life and I pretty much loved everything, from the intricate choreography and the seamless and precise way in which it was performed, the concussion-defying stunts, the special effects, to the whimsical costumes. You see, no matter how commercial Disney has become, it never fails to evoke childlike wonderment, and inspire innocent romance - and sure enough, this morning, when the lights went out and the show began, all of a sudden the very thing that seperates Maya and I at one remove, was completely bridged and voila, I wasn't Maya's mom anymore! I was her contemporary for a wonderful hour and a half and we gasped, ooh and aah'd, giggled, (I) cried and then finally applauded in sheer delight...(encore!)

Shout out to Annette: thank you for the fine company comme d'habitude:)
Also, in case you were wondering where was Jaden during all of this? Of course, flirting big time with the hostess:)))

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