Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You's

We couldn't possibly even attempt to "move on" with our lives now that Mom's ordeal is over and is now resting peacefully without taking the time out first, that is, to express our deepest gratitude to everyone:

To Tom: Thank you for the countless hours (truly priceless gifts of your time) that you've selflessly spent in visiting Mom, strengthening her & allaying her fears. In the end, she might not have made it but your visits were in no way, in vain. Thank you, thank you so much for making us not feel that we were "going it alone!"

To Annette: Thank you so much for making it possible for Tom to have paid those visits and for simply being such a dear friend to us from day one & for loving Maya & Jaden as your own...(need we say more?)

And a huge THANK YOU, too to everyone else who helped "lighten our load" in one way or another, in whatever capacity - from paying Mom those visits as well (even if you didn't know her personally!) and doing actual shifts watching over her (when we felt we had already spread ourselves too thin) to offering to take care of the kids just to give Kumar & I even just momentary but absolutely wonderful breathers (thanks Peter & Patty!) & in many many other (special) practical ways...Thank you for the flowers & the food, food, food!!!! Thank you, too to everyone for your prayers said on Mom's behalf, for the kind & encouraging words expressed in person, over the phone & thoughtfully written out...and even to those who were at a loss for something to say and tacitly conveyed their love & offered their moral support, please know this was all sensed, felt and was very much appreciated...Thank you!

From all of us:)

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