Friday, October 22, 2010

Chocolate Cartharsis:)

Today I don't want to feign smartness and go on & on on subjects that half of the time, I honestly don't even know the first thing about!!! Today I just want to blog about feelings, you know, strong carnal feelings, hahaha, I'm joking - just feelings, as in emotions, again are these two terms interchangeable? I'm not even sure! But seriously, today, or NOW, that is, I need a chocolate fix...and quick, to up the dangerously low serotonin levels of my utterly confused brain and override the gnawing pain in my chest because whereas before distance safeguarded me & whereas before, indifference provided cover...right now, I'm darn a stupid sitting duck - it's like the worst position to be in and it ain't pleasant so I'll just have me some largish quantities...that should do me some good...don't ask:)

**Progress report: It's been almost a week (and counting!) since I've last updated my FB status. And although I'll still make an odd comment on someone else's here and there, that's quite a step up considering, uh, the low sink that I was in - at least my page is no longer inundated every morning by at least 20 new notifications which I would religiously go through one by one at the crack of every single dawn for the past year or so, while barely awake, through eyes still heavy with sleep, like an idiot, I might add. The number is steadily decreasing and pretty soon it'll fizzle out and my Facebook dependance will die an inglorious death...and then I'll have been cured!

So I don't dream in blue & white anymore, I don't feel as irritable & anxious as I used to whenever I find myself stuck in a non-wifi zone (for longer than necessary) and best of all, no relapse yet...I think this totally merits another piece of chocolate...mmmm...

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