Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stella McCartney

I should have known better a few evenings ago, not to disturb Kumar as he was watching his show, Videofashion mens' edition on Fashion TV, especially since it was just to get him to watch a viral video clip of the highlights of Charice's scenes' on Glee that I couldn't wait for him to see. Kumar sternly shushed me to be quiet and motioned for me to join him on the couch - orders that I somewhat reluctantly complied to - I mean, poor me, I had to sit through a full 20 minutes of a relentless parade of relatively perfect male specimens strutting their stuff - it was a decidely difficult exercise to conceal my excitement and keep a poker face (lol) all throughout the visual onslaught on my brain and then it was Kumar's turn to curb his enthusiasm and contain his delight, as a lingerie awards played right after.. Finally, a less uh, "stimulating" program followed. It was a Stella McCartney fashion show marathon, which was pretty neat 'coz I got to see how the designer grew and evolved from her "humble" beginnings to the present. To be honest, I have never paid much attention to her, I had always dismissed her as one riding on the coattails of her father, but after the show, I realized that, she is in fact quite talented in her own right. It made me wonder if she would ever collaborate with H&M, the way some other top designers have, for that would be the absolutely only way I could ever own some of her pieces.

I think it's very unlikely. I'm not too sure whether she usurped Karl Lagerfeld's position as head designer of Chloe or if the turnover was amicable. Whatever the case, if Lagerfeld stil exerts any influence at all over McCartney, she might have been discouraged by him to team up with H&M (not that the idea has even been conceived yet anyway, who knows?). What I do know for a fact though, is that Lagerfeld vowed to never collaborate with H&M ever again. Apparently, the septuagenarian designer most recognizable by the (coolest) high-collared shirts he invariably wears, was quite disappointed that his and the Swedish retailer's rather noble, generous and in my opinion, genius combined effort to make some of his designs available to the masses wasn't realized and never came to full fruition since H&M jipped the general public by only producing a limited number of these pieces. But just as I was getting the warm fuzzies and was actually starting to grow
fond of the illustrious Lagerfeld, I was repulsed at how, as the article I got this info off continued to describe, he was also displeased with H&M for producing his designs in larger sizes as they were really intended for the skinnier set (e.g. waify gamine models whose pelvic bones jut out). And that's actually another reason why I am pretty impressed with Stella McCartney's clothes, in that they are more forgiving and flattering for the real 20-30 somethings of normal build & average proportions.

And so going back to television, we don't have TSN, ESPN nor even the French, RDS sports channels but we do have Fashion Television because as my ever eager (lol) audience should know by now, Kumee is metro. And so again, I couldn't help but smile when Kumee came home all proud recently with a man-purse slung across himself that he had just bought, and in an attempt to inherit the handsome Cole Haan satchel, I tried to convince him that it looked rather er, effeminate, but of course, my better-half saw right through my ploy, besides, he is perfectly comfortable with carrying such an accessory, why shouldn't he be, anyways? I know, I tried! So in the end, we just cut a deal, that I could borrow it from time to time - fair enough? Fair enough!....Have a nice weekend guys!

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