Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I thought it would be only right to offer up some kind of explanation as to why I'm changing my blog's name. For those who had been following since the very inception of this madness, you might vaguely recall the reason for the original title, but for the sake of the majority who really wouldn't know, and because of my unshakable slothdom, I'll just quote myself: In part, I said: "I reserve Facebook for my little quips and the excess (microblog) - the "and them some" - filters down to my blog," thus the strange title. I have written quite extensively about the (in)famous social network, with regards to my general observation of and personal experience with it - from my initiation to my present addiction to it! And I think that like a lot of harmless things/activities out there that can become addictions, Facebook is not evil in itself. It only becomes a problem when it's indulged in, in excess. There truly is wisdom in the old adage that moderation is key (in everything)!

At first I thought "cold turkey" might be the best way to quit, but it's proven to be a bit more difficult than I thought, so I believe the most effective method to free myself from the shackles of this addiction (omg!) is to wean myself gradually off it and curtail significantly, the time I spend mindlessly and aimlessly browsing through the same. To this end, I have resolved to stop updating my status where my grandiose (haha) one-liners used to neatly fit (e.g " It's hard to keep a stiff upper lip when you're getting it waxed, yeeeeooooowwwwww"!!!). Because that's how it gets out of hand, you know, when "friends" will either "like" and/or comment on them, and then this whole trivial exchange of playful banter ensues and then you check out a viral videoclip and then another and then some random person's entire wedding album of 150+ pics until before you know it, you'd had spent an entire Sunday morning in this pointless exercise. So really my problem is how it encroaches on my precious time, time that could and should be spent doing more important things like, uh, brushing my teeth for example or taking a shower or feeding my kids. This of course hasn't escaped Kumee's notice either, and one evening, unable to contain his irritation any longer, he looked at me incredulously & yelled exasperatingly "Would you get off the computer already and fix some food
for your man, WOMAN???
Of course, that too, made it to my status update and caused quite a stir among my online circle of buddies who thought it quite amusing. Sure, it was pretty funny at the time but by now, I find Facebook is just interfering with my life and I've come to realize that however remote the possibility, it can nevertheless, potentially compromise my happy marriage, no kidding! Now, if that's not reason enough, then I don't know what is! And so before it reaches that point, I'm making the necessary adjustments. I really think that enough is enough!

Have you ever been dumped by someone and was given the lame alibi that it was because the other person felt that you were "too good for him or her" or "that it was his/her fault and that he/she was the problem and not you?" Well, I find myself at the same crux in my relationship with Facebook. Except I get to be the dumper this time around (yes!) I'm breaking up with Facebook (who knew it could be so empowering & gratifying at the same time???) for the same reason - no, not because it is too good for me, but really, owing to the fact that I am the problem, only it's not just a flimsy excuse but is actually a totally responsible and informed decision that I'm coupling with decisive action:) This is a personal challenge and promise to myself, and if I have a shred of integrity left and am able to exercise so much restraint and self-control, then I know I'll be able to make good. So in connection with all of this, since I won't be updating my status with the silly quips or the fantastical one-liners as I referred them to, from now on, this blog will go by "Aimee: The Inside Skinny" haha,I know, don't ask. Well, just because it's literally, in the truest sense of the term, my virtual diary and is a bit personal in nature which I of course, unabashedly share with everyone!

And because I'm addressing you, my readers, directly this time, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of your support and avid readership (lol) and I also wanted to let you guys know that I very much welcome comments including criticism, constructive or otherwise, they truly inspire me and remind me that I do have an audience after all, and that I'm not just monologuing half of the time! If I might also add, I warmly invite you guys to "follow" my blog, there are certainadvantages you know to doing so, like you get to be the first to know about new posts??? Haha! I can't say that I don't bite, coz I've been known to, but that's only if you get on my "bad" side...Oh God! So there you have it, guys, thank you, thank you again and until next post!!!

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