Monday, November 1, 2010


A recent development involving a person who has since become an unofficial (self-appointed) promoter/literary agent of sorts (lol) of this blog compelled me to write this post. I was mortified that the said shared the direct link to (of all the choices!) an older post on my forays into spa-bliss. Granted, my permission was obtained first but still, I mean, just how much hatred can you have for people to subject them to so much torture making them read about me and the spa??? I'm not sure of how much of it they had actually read before they let out a big yawn and decided it wasn't worth the bother and carried on with whatever it was that they were doing and I couldn't remember exactly what I had written either, for all I know I could've been, er, drunk at the time (haha). So I thought, "let me read it again" (yeah,my own blog post, how weird is that?!) to make sure there wasn't anything painfully embarrasing or even incriminating for that matter - you see, it's one thing when a distant relative living in Germany reads your blog post or a grade school chum you only have vague memories of & had reconnected with just recently through Facebook does...but when a person you work in such close proximity to reads it, well, that just makes me cringe...and want to crawl under a rock.

So as it turns out, there wasn't anything too too bad in the post than as I had initially feared (and again I don't know how much of it was read) except for a quick reference to "funny" disposable underwear & a rather vivid description of a full body chocolate mask (haha). However, I did notice too how I had described the waiting area of Spa Diva as "beautiful," well, my personal aim from the founding of this blog was to be truthful in everything I wrote, and I think I might have fibbed a bit there on that one, not that the place wasn't nice, it was - only in a circa 1995 Zen-ish way, in other words, the place is in dire need of some (or a lot of) updating. Mind you, the service itself was impeccable...but again, depending on how particular you are when it comes to ambience, you could end up being either a bit or very disappointed...(In my case, I was perfectly content with the efficient karate chops to my backside, nevermind the (gasp!) unstreamlined
microfiber couches in the waiting area....)

So I just wanted to take the time now to nevertheless, thank the self-appointed publisher/promoter of this blog for paying such rapt attention to my nonsense - it is a big deal to me considering that said is an actual published writer (something I could only aspire to be) among other things - just one figurative feather in said's hat, so to speak. And also because apparently (as it had been brought to my attention), I had overlooked said on my previous post although, in my mind, I thought the list to be quite
exhaustive in fact, as it was & that I had pretty much covered everyone that needed to be thanked. Well, if this isn't enough and
depending on the outcome of this rather unlikely alliance, I might one day devote a whole blog post or two to the said, but I really,

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