Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Dentist' Appointments

Marrying Kumar actually involved marrying his dentist as well, I guess it made perfect sense, just for the convenience of it all, especially when it came to insurance purposes & scheduling, etc...well, maybe not as convenient as having a dentist in the same building where we live (there really is one) but just to think how far they go back: Kumar & Dr. Tenser along with his orthondist Dr. Israelovitch have had this long-standing relationship as the latter two fomed this dynamic duo/tandem (lol) and worked closely together to correct Kumar's overbite and tweak and tweak some more to perfection his smile over no less than *eight* years, yes, eight years!!! (So it really raised some loyalty issues plus they had vested interest - imagine if Kumar were to ever sign a Close Up commercial contract???)

So Kumar got his braces off just in time for our wedding, it's a good thing, too because that would've made for some funny pictures had he not!!! But really, this actually served as an indication to Kumar of the depth of my love for him, I mean the guy wore braces while we were dating, but I saw past all of that (blinding metal)!!! Anyhow, I think it's cute, the friendship we've forged with our dentist and hygienist and even the receptionist, for that matter, over the years and why not? They saw us get married, they saw the birth of our first child, the purchase of our first home, the arrival of our second child, (and most recently, the passing away of my mom) and through routine check-ups, root canal scares and unerupted wisdom teeth extractions!!! I'm especially fond of Lucy, the hygienist, who takes such a personal and what I can sense is a genuine interest in her patients. It certainly makes up for my ob-gyne, who during both my pregnancies treated me like a number, and kept referring me to as either his 9:30 or 11:15 or 15:45! (I guess, like any other job, theirs become monotonous too after awhile! And in retrospect, I think it's better to have been treated as such, I've felt violated enough being *routinely* poked and prodded! Anymore attention than what was due would've been freaky!) I always enjoy chit-chatting with Lucy and after every six months or so, there's always a great deal of catching up to do...only problem is that her questions aren't always answerable by yes or no, signified respectively by a nod or a head shake, so the whole (not necessarily pleasant) cleaning process actually takes a whole half hour longer than it's supposed to.

I usually walk out of there with a clean bill of *oral* health (and a loot bag filled with colgate samplers and Maya with her Dollarama toy!) and I've prided myself in that, but today, I was told that I needed to go back for fillings. "Have I been flossing"??? Just what is that supposed to mean??? I'm (like) freaking out - I don't know even know what I've done differently in the past six months to have deserved this!!! Oh joy!

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