Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tomorrow's Wednesday. I love Wednesdays 'coz it's Kumar's day off. Every Wednesday I get driven to and from work, and he likewise drops off and picks the kids up from the daycare (for a change!) ahhh, life doesn't get any better than that! And on an especially good Wednesday (sadly too few and far between) he'll even cook - of course, that's if popping fish sticks in the oven and preparing instant rice & frozen veggies counts as cooking, well, in my book it totally does!!!

"Hey, do you want to do lunch tomorrow?" Kumar asked me earlier this evening, "Sure" I replied, "That's a great idea, babes, since we do have a great deal of catching up to do!" I continued. "What's that supposed to mean???" He demanded, feigning surprise, and then we both burst out laughing at the "absurdity" of having to book lunch appointments with each other so we could actually sit down and talk (sigh).

However, now, in retrospect, what was so funny about what I had said, isn't communication king??? Well, it's supposed to continue to deluge tomorrow, I hope we won't have to take a *raincheck*...

On a crummier note, pretty bummed out that we won't be going for dinner with friends at Chuck Hughes' Garde-Manger tomorrow as planned. Speaking of appointments, one of Kumar's clients made one at the last minute to shop with him for tomorrow evening, and that's the main reason why we can't make it. Then there's the weather to consider as well...blah...and our trusted babysitter who's not available either. I'm sad that we won't get to hang and sad that I won't be able to try the much-feted (by my friends) deep-fried Mars bar since I've been looking forward to this for sometime now - gosh, this is all too anti-climactic after all of that pent-up anticipation :( If the ever efficient Miriam gets reservations for all of us again, it'll probably be for July (around the same time I'll be getting my Canada goose) of course, by no means through any fault of her own, the restaurant is just *that* busy...

Ciao!- not that I'm going anywhere, heck, noooo! I need this blog way too much. I just can't believe that I had actually said "ciao" in reply to Sema as she bid me goodbye at 5:00 p.m. today. Couldn't help it if I've always been more of a "hi/bye" person. But after working at Sajo for almost five years running, the Italianisms were bound to rub off on me...eventually :)

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