Sunday, November 14, 2010

Read *somewhere*: Quoting Paulo Coehlo: "Those who have never been wounded in love can never say that they have lived. Because they haven't." I found it cute how some people wear their hearts on their sleeves quoting mush like that and funny too how the author asserts this like it's fact or some universal truth, although I do think I know what he's trying to say: that just as much as one needs to have indulged the physical senses with all things wonderfully perceivable by them, one needs to have *deeply* felt - scaling mountain-like heights of elation and down the opposite extreme to abysmal lows and every other crazy emotion in between to be able to say that one has *lived* and of course what else can wreak so much inner havoc than love, particular one gone sour, bad or downright ugly and/or messy or so I think that's what he's trying to say...whatever..I mean, since when has being able to say that one has lived (fully) ever been contingent on having had one's heart broken???

I can only handle so much emotion, and try to avoid writing about it, or at least sharing it with others when I do. In fact, out of the some seventy posts I have written so far (some four months worth of writing!) there are about five of them that I've never published and have never seen the light of day and remain as drafts, the sole purpose of which being personal, intended for just leaching out, or as my friend Farah puts it, *bleeding*. Yes, There is a measure of comfort to be had in writing about feelings, but never absolution, nor closure. Morever, feelings are abstract, and these days, a bit too confusing for me, and are proving to be too difficult to crystallize in words, so I haven't made any conscious effort to lately. I prefer to write about concrete, tangible things - inanimate objects, like my rubber finger at work or *certain* down-filled jackets, about the everyday, the trivial and the mundane - rarely emotionally-charged, never politically-swayed but sometimes slightly socially-relevant & of course about *people* - my own foibles:) and even Lady Gaga...

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