Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Continuing Exploits in Retailville

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Chateau. You can tell it's been a long time since I've actually shopped there with the only items I have from the chain sitting in my closet being two identical tube tops, one in bubblegum pink and the other in powder blue, I mean who wears that these days (except Barbie)??? I'd never go to Chateau specifically, although I will walk in if I happen to be by one, just out of curiosity, to quickly check out their wares. But honestly, each time I would find myself greatly disappointed at how everything would be so overpriced (for the quality of their stuff anyways). As for their styles, I don't know, I just think that Chateau is to fashion what Pop is to's the best analogy I can come up with...It's too mainstream - fleeting and fadish, too staged and contrived and can border on trashy sometimes. Definitely not my style. But some people like it and that's ok, too. I'm not exactly one to scour for hours through thrift shops either in search of vintage finds and neither am I "Lolita" - I'm a bit too old for that!

So when I got an invitation to the annual friends and family event courtesy of my friend, Karen, I decided that I'd go during my lunch hour one day last week. When Sheryl & I got there, I immediately made a beeline for the shoe section, and passed rack after rack and mound after mound of clothes...hoping to find something worthwhile. I was giddy with excitement to have unearthed and found me a pair of Jessica Simpson boots! I didn't even know that they carried her stuff! I wasted no time & cashed it to just consummate the retail "deed" already, headed back to the office with Sheryl and then spent the rest of the afternoon mentally rehearsing how I would tell Kumar. We have this practice of letting each other know about our respective purchases. I think it's only fair. Mind you, the boots cost next to nothing, but I've been shopping all month!!!

It kinda helped that Kumar came home in a good mood after having spent the evening, or more like the entire night (the guy got home at midnight!) with his college buddy, Ray, who was in town on business, so at 1:00 a.m on the bed, with our fingers interlaced & our bodies sandwiching Jaden, with bated breath I began: "Oh by the way, huns..."

Kumar: "Yeah"????

Me: "Well, you know Karen gave me tickets to the family and friends event at Chateau..."

Kumar: "Yeah"????

Me: "So I went..."

Kumar: "And"???

Me: "Well, I actually found these Jessica Simpson boots (emphasis on Jessica, Kumar has a thing for her!) they were originally retailing at $275.00 and were marked down to $100.00 and with the ticket...came up to $50.00, would you believe"???

Kumar: "That's a pretty sweet deal you got, princess..."

Aimee: "I know, isn't it, loveski"???

Kumar: "Show me in the morning..."

Aimee: "I will...goodnite, babes!"

Kumar: (had since let go of my hand and had rolled over...)

Me: (Man, I get away with waaay too much!!!)

Next stop, Stylexchange warehouse sale with Patty....


  1. Jessica Simpson boots are that expensive.

  2. Up here they are...275 CAD, original kidding!

  3. Oh wow, coming from you, Sofia, that's a real compliment!!! Thanks! (I like yours too!)