Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here's some more Canada Goose obsession coming from someone who has yet to receive her online order, the status of which is still "pending" :( (at the rate things are going, I'll probably be receiving my Parka next July during another one of those brutal heatwaves!!!):

It's amazing how a Canada Goose jacket can spark up coversations between people who don't know each other from Adam. That's how popular they are! Showing up last Sunday at one of our family's favorite mid-scale restaurants, L'Academie in Centropolis, Laval, without a reservation, in a lame attempt to be *spontaneous* (lol), we found ourselves behind a long queue of people waiting to be seated as well. Figuring that "this is going to be long," I led Maya to the washroom to wash our hands already to save time. We rejoined Kumee to find him chatting with a another couple. "This is my wife, Aimee," Kumar began introducing us, (Oh, hi! Pleased to meet you, yah-di-yah-di-yah....") "and my daughter, Maya..." (lady crouches down to Maya's level) "You have one stylish, Daddy"!!! She gushed. Then standing back up again and smoothening out (imaginary) creases on her trench with both hands, she blushingly explained to me that they had been admiring Kumee's *Goose*... "Oh, that..." I replied, and never knowing how to graciously accept a compliment (which really just requires a simple "Thank You" in acknowledgement which I have yet to master) I, of course, felt obligated to reciprocate in kind (it's a cultural *thing*, what am I supposed to do anyway? Smugly concur that I'm, uh, hot???) and looking over to her husband, told them how I *liked* his Burberry vest, it's brand being given away by the recognizable tartan lining, made visible with it's collar folded down the way he was wearing it. I heaved a great sigh and related to the lady, the particulars of my recent experience at Stylexchange looking for a Canada Goose for myself and she moaned at how expensive they are. "But they're totally worth it," I maintained, "Yeah" she agreed, "For you and I they're worth it but not for fourteen year old kids, they are! I have two teenagers who've been nagging me since, like, forever"!!! She lamented. I smiled at her sympathetically and then shot a worried glance at Maya, who was fidgeting with the crowd-control rope as I realized that *this* was in our future. The couple got seated and soon after, we were being led to our own cozy booth and upon arrival thereat, I spotted a common coat-tree for our section of the floor. "Huns," I warned Kumar as he was about to hang up his jacket, "I wouldn't hang your coat there if I were you...."

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