Saturday, November 27, 2010

On Jessica Zafra

OK, the shepherd's pie is in the oven, the kids are calm, it's time for a bit of comic relief, after yesterday's whiny episode...If you haven't yet noticed I would like to direct your attention to a new blog that I have since added to the list of the one's I follow. It's none other than the illustrious Jessica Zafra's official blog who I am *rediscovering* after a long time. Back in college in Ateneo de Naga, when us kids were still memorizing DOS commands and syntax, I would devour any bit of material of hers that I could get my hands fact, I might still have a few *clippings* of her articles tucked away somewhere which I had actually brought over with me from the old country!!!!

The only problem is that, as much as I adore her ridiculously sharp wit and conversely, her blunt sense of humour, I'm afraid to read too much of her work, for fear that I'll just be quoting her half of the time and/or be inclined to plagiarizing which I don't think she would take too kindly to...even if plagiarizing falls under the umbrella of imitation which in turn, of course, is the best form of flattery!!!

But I couldn't resist reading one of her recent posts "Alchemy and Genetics" on what is just short of a rather curious phenomenon of the almost invariably good-looking offspring produced by interracial (inter-cultural) couples, particularly those born of a Filipina "na hindi naman kagandahan" or essentially, of *mediocre* looks and of a man of another racial background equally plain in the looks department. Of course, it hit close to home, being a quintessential example of an ordinary *Pinay*myself, although, my better half, Kumar, who is Sri Lankan is not necessarily too hard on the eyes as my Mom would say!!! Yes between my almond-shaped eyes and his dark complexion, sure made for some babies with unique and killer good looks rarely observed among their purebred peers, who of course are cute in their own right!!! It was good that she even discussed this topic and with a scientific explanation at that that was still almost completely layman friendly and was certainly good to know too what exactly was at play from the time my kids were conceived until I popped them out!!! Totally endorsing Jessica, prepare to marvel at her through the roof I.Q.!!!! "Mabuhay tayong mga pinay"!!!

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