Friday, November 5, 2010

Canada Goose

Right in the middle of the epic heatwave last summer, which, as I said, was "leaving my naturally wavy hair with waaay too much to be desired," I wrote a post on Uggs boots and Canada Goose Jackets. It might have seemed early to be talking about "winterizing" at the time, but as I had emphasized, the post was totally in step with the ridiculously fast moving pace of the fashion industry that "keeps churning out new styles outdating the last trend every milli-second, it seems!" And sure enough, it's only November, which has seen (so far!) all but a light dusting of the evil evil white stuff and already, Canada Goose jackets are sold out, well maybe not completely: I went to Stylexchange yesterday, just "out of curiousity" to see for how much exactly they actually retail: $575 CAD (steep but worth it!) for the long "Chilliwack" coat that was secured with an elaborate and very serious-looking anti-theft device and just short of being literally bolted down to the rack. I've had my heart set though, on getting the "Montebello" parka in black for about two years now, but of course they no longer had any available in my size or color of choice...all they had left were ones in, of all colors, uh, *canary* yellow. "Would you like to try it on?" the canary, I mean, sales associate on the floor chirped, interrupting my pensive interlude and relaxing my furrowed brow: "That's ok," I replied, "I'll wait until you get more black ones in my size" but she warned me that, "It could be a veeery long wait, even Canada Goose, (the company) can't keep up with the demand." "I'll wait," I repeated nicely - was she kidding me? I wasn't about to be coaxed into doling out $500+ for a banana yellow jacket (by a salesperson working on commission, even if I have a soft-spot for their kind, especially for one in particuler:))

Now, quoting my silly self again: "It's a shame that with the advent of every trend, comes the proliferation of imitations - some by rival manufacturers that blatantly copy the styling of the original or by those who run more clandestine operations and try to pass their goods off as the real thing." Yes, even the jackets are being imitated. In fact, I stumbled across a few sites selling some for significantly cheaper - yes, *my* black Montebello parka in XS!!! (God, please save me from myself!!!!) Now, of course, I wouldn't mind saving myself a few hundred bucks, I mean who doesn't even if you're loaded - with money coming out of the, uh, wazoo? But are they real, though??? That's what I would like to know!!!

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