Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fluffy Clouds

The other day, after I had pulled out of the paved parking lot of, of all places, Costco - what I consider to be the Mecca of not just retail but wholesale consumerism - I had what my former colleague, Gidget, would have called a "religious moment" (as different from what she would consider to be a "senior moment," still distinct from what she would refer to as a "senile moment???") You see, our urban environment with it's secular routine, naturally distracts us from God. But this time, stopped at a red light, creation struck me. Behind the man-made PVC-covered wheel of my car, I marveled at a massive fluffy cloud formation that was blocking the sun almost completely except for some random pockets which allowed a few rays to stream out - bright and intense slanting pillars of light cascading down to the horizon - it was simply magnificent! I literally saw the beautiful silver lining the clouds, but obviously, the man in the fancy beemer behind me who was furiously glaring and honking at me in a fit of road-rage, hadn't. Probably through no fault of his own, being just as caught up as I had been in the jaded rat-race of life. A shiny silver BMW? Must've been some kind of businessman, I'll assume, with a gazillion commitments and apparently pressed for time. Besides, who was I to hold up traffic, gawking at the sky??? Religious moment, spiritual moment, call it whatever, to me it was a nudge, a manifestation of His presence, during a runner up to the lowest point ever I've ever been in my life...

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