Saturday, August 14, 2010

Le St-Martin Hotel Particulier

So I've already written at length about our anniversary weekend, with whole blog posts devoted to Bice and the movie, Salt. It wouldn't be fair then not to mention anything about the hotel we stayed at namely, Le St-Martin Hotel Particulier. I know it's a mouthful, and a pretty curious name. You see, I've blogged extensively about Kumar too, and if you guys have been following, you would know that he is metrosexual and particular hence particulier. The term is actually what distinguishes the hotel from it's existing Laval sibling, in that it is located downtown, at the corner of de Maisonneuve and Metcalfe to be exact, where the old Ben's Deli used to be! According to Wikipedia, an hôtel particulier (French pronunciation: [otɛl paʁtikylje]) "is an urban "private house" of a grand sort" - of course that's in French contexts, but then again Quebec is French anyways.

I particularly (lol) loved the fact that the hotel is brand spanking new, just two months young - which meant that the ultra thick pile towels hasn't gone through too many hands yet and neither have the crisp 450 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. The newer hotels in Montreal are of the "boutique" kind, like the Sofitel, the opulent, Opus, or Hotel W - ultra modern and tres chic, so for me, the contemporary and traditional styling of Le St-Martin is both a welcome departure from the trend and as well as a refreshing return to the classic...

Well more important than the silly hotel, restaurant or movie, is the the company I kept and the occasion it marked! Eight years of marriage - it might be a relatively short time and sure we might have quite a ways to go, but I think that's definitely an achievement in a time and age when couples falling out is so commonplace. Sure we've had our rough patches, but rough patches are rough patches, you smooth them out. They say not to "sweat the small stuff" (like the glob of toothpaste or the sprinkling of whiskers in the sink and/or the toothpaste splatter all over the bathroom mirror that he won't wipe off and gives you the illusion of intergalactic travel, manning the cockpit of the Enterprise!!!) but I think it's almost inevitable that you will, at least sometimes, it's a given! Just the other night Kumar passed some lame comment that just
didn't sit too well with me and before we knew it, the whole thing escalated into a full-blown argument, over what? His merino wool socks from Savile Row that got seperated in the wash - trivial, I know, go figure! That's why it's so important to freely forgive, in fact, it's true what they say, that it takes two good forgivers to make a successful marriage, or something to that effect. Personally, we just apply the Bible's counsel to not let the sun go down in a provoked state, as in literally most times. Be prompt to settle differences (obviously after you've cooled off!), be realistic in your expectations of one another and remember to inject humor, lot's of it, into your marriage!!!

So that was to bring you up to speed with our little special treat this year and I'm already looking forward to next year's! Now I won't hold my breath, but maybe then, I'll get to blog about Venice and Tuscany???

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