Sunday, August 29, 2010

On Graphic C-section Video Clips, Elevator Music & Lady Gaga

Last night, Kumar found me slumped over the keyboard of our computer with the screen still on my Facebook page, yes, for real! I had passed out upon first sight of a scalpel slicing into a lady's pregnant belly. It was from a link shared by a friend that, of course, I couldn't resist opening and which I now greatly regret having done so - gosh, it was like opening up Pandora's box! It was a rather graphic video clip of a c-section and what's got to be the oddest thing about it was that it was set to the strains of some funny mellow elevator music, also known as "muzak." (On the subject of muzak, according to a study, it is the least stimulating (with no significant spike in the monitor needle, I suppose!) kind of music to a child's developing brain, classical of course, being the most! Muzak is a more apropros term for this, uhm, genre of music, because unfortunately, it is not only played in elevators. It can be heard at many a fast-food restaurant, particularly, McDonald's and now, apparently, also as background music to random viral Youtube video clips as well?!)

But going back to my fainting incident from watching the graphic c-section clip - that my friends, is the reason why I am not a doctor, nor a nurse or neither a dentist for that matter. In an OR setting, I would be the first person to pass out in a heap. I have no idea where my morbid fear of blood and sharp objects stem from. The only plausible explanation I can come up with is probably from watching too much M*A*S*H during my childhood. Of course, my parents knew better not to allow me to watch the show, but I would still peek anyways, and at eight years of age it, it was fascinating and probably the most daring thing I've done to defy my parents! I thought I had gotten away with it, but apparently, not unscathed (lol) because now, I break out in a cold sweat whenever I catch sight of a needle. Experts didn't know much about the affect viewing such shows had on minors back in the day either, but that show was both so tame and literally and figuratively sterile compared to what we have now! It's only until the emergence, I guess, of a new breed of squeamish, hemophobic (quintessential example: me) and even psychopathic people (or is it just better record-keeping and documentation of something that had always existed?) that they've caught on. Censorship has since become stricter, with new laws put in place, and by now, it is mandatory to issue parental advisories for shows that feature mature themes and what not, expletives are bleeped, and images are pixelated. However, whether parents actually supervise their children's tv-watching, and use discretion as to what they let their children view is a whole different discussion.

A few months back, we were at friends'. Obviously we had no control over what was playing on the TV. An award show was actually on, so we figured that was fine. Besides, Lady Gaga, was supposed to perform. You see, after four years straight of child-bearing and rearing, spent changing endless diapers and watching Dora and Pixar movie marathons, I hadn't exactly been keeping up with who was "in" as far as the mainstream muscic scene is concerned, at least. But I had heard so much about this Gaga person and I was rather intrigued. I wanted to see this girl perform. How was I to know that her finale would be of her getting "lynched" and getting "blood" splattered all over her face? It was so unexpected and took place so fast that I couldn't block Maya's view. Needless to say, it really affected her. For weeks afterwards, she kept talking about a "lady" with blood. Now it was bad enough when she would tell our friends about this, but when her daycare teacher brought it to my attention, I wanted to crawl under a, that Lady Gaga is quite a character, funny coz gaga means stupid in Tagalog, hmmm, fitting....

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