Monday, December 27, 2010

I've been asked how come I won't blog about my beliefs as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. This is an excellent and valid question which I truly relish the opportunity to answer. Sure it might seem like the perfect way to dispel some of the common (and many!) misconceptions about us Witnesses, and yes, I have considered this, many many times in fact, considering that I do invest a considerable amount of my time blogging, ok, forgive the pun. But seriously now, the more I thought about it, the more misgivings I would have, this reluctance stemming from fear - fear that I might inadvertently misrepresent our organization in any way and that alongside posts on the particulars of my everyday life, our message, that is truly of the utmost importance, would be trivialized, or that anything else on my blog, anything at all, might detract from the information presented.

Of course, I could always set up another blog, the sole and express purpose of which intended to disseminate Bible "Truths," but it still wouldn't be the right nor proper medium or means, since the time-tested method of preaching from house-to-house that Jesus Christ set the precedent and actively and zealously engaged in himself and later on instructed his followers to do the same, remains as the main and has proven to be the most effective way by far to convey our message - an activity that each and every single Witness, without exception participates in on a regular basis.

It's not a question of being resistant to change or a stubborn refusal on our part to adapt to our ever-evolving world. As a matter of fact, we fully utilize advancements in technologies to further our message, maintaining state-of-the-art printing facilities in key locations around the globe, instrumental in the production of Bibles and Bible-based literature including the most widely-read and distributed (by house-to-house) publication in the world, The Watchtower. (All publications are available too in other multimedia formats such as MP3, CD-ROM, DVD,etc.) No minor feat indeed, everything funded by voluntary contributions and accomplished entirely by volunteers, and yet, all credit for this achievement is ascribed to whom it duly and exclusively belongs, God, in imitation of Jesus Christ who also directed all glory to his Heavenly Father.

Moreover, to complement our preaching activities, weekly meetings, which feature in part, Bible discourses, are held at places of worship called Kingdom Halls located all around the world. Assemblies and conventions which also follow a similiar program of Bible-based talks, symposia, etc. are held periodically as well at larger venues - all open to the public, monies never solicited as this would be tantamount to "peddling" God's word, which goes contrary to Bible directives.

Therefore, I honestly believe that if I were to begin to write about my beliefs on this existing blog, I might downplay the importance and sanctity of our message and furthermore, to set up another blog exclusively to the same end of getting our message across, would just be redundant and superfluous, serving no real and worthwhile purpose other than to hyper-emphasize Biblical topics already adequately expounded and thoroughly explained in our publications distributed through our door-to-door ministry.

As such, all issues to be addressed in this blog will continue to be mainly secular in nature, however, any request made by anyone expressing the desire to pursue random Bible discussions or even systematic Bible Studies with myself will be entertained, to be handled by myself personally and/or my husband as deemed appropriate or as the circumstances require, arrangements for other qualified Christians to contact and call on such interested ones will be made. Thanks!

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