Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let me guess, Canada Goose?

OK, so I really, really heart ♥ my Canada Goose from Kumar. So much so that these two very unfortunate outcomes of that fateful-flash/freak-snow-show around two weeks ago which led me to #1.) break my record Facebook "fast" of two months and "diss" "Mother Nature" herself on my status update, and far worse, #2.) break my own innocent child's spirit by telling her how I thought that snow was Winter's brat child (well, maybe not in so many words!) most likely wouldn't have happened if I had my parka at the time. I mean, I've never ever been so toasty warm in such frigid Montreal weather! I'm telling you, who cares if I look like I'm ready to put out fires or arrest someone?! Warm is totally the new black!

I know, I know, I had promised that I would move on to another subject but this apparently seems to be of interest to a lot of people. In fact, quite a few of you (besides, of course, my loyal followers which I must always acknowledge first!) had stumbled upon my post when Google turned it up along with the volumes of info out there after searching "Canada Goose and counterfeit/fake" and shockingly even elicited an actual comment... or two - awww, thanks, guys! Allow me to redirect you though to a more professional and journalistic take on the matter - this article's very informative, terrificly written and relatively objective as opposed to my post which was slightly/heavily influenced by virtually impossible to control and just naturally carelessly calculated female hormonal surges/shortages and not to mention by the less than seamless interplay of other naturally-occuring body chemicals like serotonin and endorphins that vacillate between abounding and dangerously low levels in my brain (which I fruitlessly attempt to regulate and create a semblance of balance of with scary amounts of chocolate and negligible increments of exercise!) and of course by some external factors as well - a dizzying recounting, in part, of my (continuing) Canada Goose adventures. Just enjoy that other article which was written by a man, not subject to this madness:)