Saturday, December 25, 2010

Step up or step out?

A certain author/authority on writing whose name exactly I unfortunately forget (sorry!) said in effect and not necessarily in so many words, that "writing is probably the most useless profession unless one actually writes about something worthwhile." I honestly must say that I couldn't agree more. And yet, the past couple of weeks found me blogging about my compulsive shopping habit with posts like "My Exploits into Retailville," "Galliano Bags" "Canada Goose Obsession," etc., which *some* found to be "annoying" - a rather stinging comment, the honesty of which, though, I actually truly appreciate and is something I'm graciously accepting in a wonderful display of sportsmanship because it's too late now anyways to retract my words when I said that "I welcome criticism, constructive or otherwise." So, I've taken up the challenge to step up (or step out!) and write about weightier and even controversial things, although, I will NOT apologize for my most recent "metro" installment ;) - even my "worst critic" said that that one was pretty good! Now, I had promised that I would write something editorial-worthy, but that was probably too ambitious a promise to make because I can, in the words of one of my favorite writers, Jessica Zafra, only "do so much bluffing" - a sentiment I share! And because I actually have no idea what the world's present state of affairs is like right now, although again, I can confidently venture a safe and accurate guess summed up in merely two words: it's bad! (But, oh, apparently, Wikileaks is exacerbating America's really unfounded, hence called, paranoia complex, these days - Dude, I *like* know that much!) And so instead, I wrote some prose on a topic dear to me and very close to my heart, uh, next to shopping, of course, namely, writing! I Kinda lost Kumar there when, in response to his question in the middle of the night as to what I was writing about,"this time," I said "writing." "You're writing about writing" He neatly recapped - more of a statement than a question - slightly confused, his mental faculty still somewhat fogged up from sleep. "Yes" I chirped, after which he shook his head, non-committaly mumbled something incoherent but what I think, in retrospect, remotely sounded like "you're nuts" and then rolled over and went back to bed...

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