Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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I wanted to apologize to those who randomly stumbled across my blog and stayed long enough to read about the whole airconditioner thing and to my followers who voluntarily checked out what's new even without my usual shameless prodding to do so and had read on....I didn't mean to sound so whiny and self-absorbed and to bore you guys to death. Yes, I do realize that there are far worse things in life and no, I'm not indifferent to the less fortunate plight of millions of others out there. I know nobody deserves to hear my whine about my first world problems. But don't you hate it when something turns out bad when it totally needn't but does all because of the incompetence of, let's just say, certain ones we know!!! I mean, if you don't know the first thing about something, why pretend???

I don't know whether this summer's, err, sweltering weather (forgive the pun!!!) is recordbreaking and that it will go down in our history books as such, but I do know for sure that for us, the Vaitheewaran family, summer 2010 will always be remembered as the fateful summer our airconditioner broke down!!! With that being said, I promise that my next post will be on a more interesting, current and socially relevant subject as I feign smartness and perhaps in a deductive style or something - like the Kumee series. I promise not to wax poetic or subject you guys to boring narratives for awhile....until then!!!


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