Friday, July 2, 2010

On "tarts" (my understanding of U2's Until the End of the World)

It's too funny 'coz for the longest time I thought the line went "in the garden I was playing the 'tar" or short for guitar....turns out it's tart. No, he wasn't having fun with a fruit-filled flaky pastry, but rather "tart" is a term used mostly by the Brits to mean a p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _u oh, just google it, would you!!!! (thanks for the clarification James, my hubby's friend whose last name just happens to be Bond, for real! The first time he called looking for Kumar and introduced himself as agent 007's namesake, I swear, I could've died! I could've sworn it was a crank call and I was this close to hanging up on him!!!!) So all of this time I'm thinking that the man in the song decides to break the girl's heart for no apparent reason. But what I like is the irony of how he seems to try to trivialize his action saying that the girl was overreacting and that she was "acting like it was the end of the world." Well, could he blame her??? In the end he seems to be overcome with remorse talking about his "drowning in sorrow" & about "waves of regret" but it's kinda too late. And finally he tries to shift the blame to her saying in effect "what gives?" since she had said "she'd wait for him until the end of the world" - I don't think she had meant that she would even after catching him cheating with a, er, tart!

And that's my take on my all-time favorite U2 song that had just taken on a whole different meaning all because of the letter T that completely altered the definition of one word, and the import of the entire song!!!

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