Friday, July 30, 2010

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Well, maybe one more story!!! I almost fell off of our living room couch the other day, when Kumar reminded me that I needed to get a dress for an upcoming wedding that we've been invited to. It's not that Kumar doesn't like to shop. Are you kidding? Very early into our dating days, I had discovered that he was a seasoned shopper himself! I clearly remember one of the first few times we hit the mall. He had insisted that I try on a dress, although I couldn't be bothered that day. My trained eye could easily tell that the dress looked just about right off the rack. But no, he patiently waited outside the dressing room while I shed off layers upon layers of the typical winter attire - outer coat, cardigan, blouse, skirt and finally peeled off the cumbersome tights, to try on the dress in compliance! Yes, Kumar, as you can see is of a very rare male breed. And he totally had me from that day on (lol)!

So going back to the subject, I wasn't surprised at my husband's reminder because it was out of character, but because he had been a bit stressed out over our finances. As some of you already know, it had been just a little over a month that I had been back to work. I was actually due back last February but I had asked my boss for an extension of a couple of months more because of a situation that had arisen. Of course my benefits had run out too in February, and we were managing somewhat with the the lapse of a second income feeding into our cash flow. So I didn't feel comfortable asking Kumar for extras, you know, in other words, shopping money! But now that I'm back at work I have Kumar's blessing to shop as I please (don't worry, I'm not irresponsible that way and besides I look for bargains, bargains, bargains - like my latest acquisition: gorgeous, gorgeous Guess black and beige patent leather wedge platforms, originally priced at $160.00 which I got on liquidation for $36.00, super versatile which can be dressed up or down!!!). That was actually one of the conditions that we had agreed upon - that if I were to return to work, I wasn't supposed to hear a peep out of him conplaining about my shopping escapades as long as they were within reasonable limits. You see, the six months prior to my return to work, I had spent awash in mixed emotions as a very, needless to say, tiresome debate whether to go back or not transpired in my head, guilt-ridden at the thought of having another person raise my children. Of course by now, I am actually glad that I have. I totally agree with Uma Thurman's frumpy mom lead character's statement in the movie "Motherhood" that "there is something validating about having a real job, besides the mothering one!" (or something to that effect). This I actually gleaned from an odd snippet of the movie that I was able to catch amidst toys strewn all over the living room floor, a sinkful of dirty dishes, between doing two loads of stainy laundry & getting supper going last night, the dialogue, barely audible above Maya's whiny complaining that I change the channel back to Nick Jr. and Jaden's increasingly persistent clamoring for attention. I swear, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as I watched what could very well have been the story of my life unfold before my own eyes on Kumar's flatscreen baby.

So did I set off to find the dress yet? Well, yesterday I swung by Winners which as I had already explained on a previous post, is Canada's lame excuse of an answer to the States' Target, more with the intent of taking advantage of the end of summer season's sale and get sandals for next summer to replace the ones I've literally worn to the ground this year. So yes, I found the Guess beauties which I'm wearing as I write, but also chanced upon some Nine West pumps. Again my (avid) followers might vaguely recall a post where I explained at length how I had settled on a pair of Nine West pumps over a beautiful pair of real Gucci's. But honestly by now, those Nine Wests (that are stowed beneath my desk, also as I write) have grown on me even if they pale in comparison with the Gucci's. They just totally make my office outfits. Now while those are a completely classic pair of black pointy pumps, the ones I literally unearthed yesterday under a tangled mess of strappy sandals were almost identical to the ones I had, the only difference was that these ones were more fashion forward and had what I like to call shackle-y straps that go around the ankle in a bondage-y way which is not only for streetwalkers these days but is all the rage now! Of course it seemed like a bit much to get two pairs on the same day especially after having to dole out a goodly sum of moola because of a busted airconditioner, but then I suddenly and conveniently remembered Kumar's reminder and so to justify the purchase, I figured, I would pull out my old LBD standby (a black ruffly halter Ralph Lauren which I got a couple of years back at an outlet somewhere in Northern Ontario) to wear to the wedding and get the shoes instead!!! Mind you, I have another dress option: a silky spaghetti strapped dress with a poufy balloony hemmed skirt which I got from Axara (Paris) for a wedding last year. The only problem was I had just given birth to Jaden at the time, and have since dropped a couple of dress sizes. Sure, I could have it taken in, but the only other problem is that the bride of this wedding was also present at the same wedding last year. Now, I highly doubt it if
she would remember or even care for that matter, but I really wouldn't want to risk it, so that dress is a total write-off.

I'll stick with the LBD - can't go wrong with that. So yesterday, I did get the other Nine West pumps. They weren't exorbitantly pricey, not at all, very reasonable, in fact, and again totally versatile, maybe a bit on the edgy side...but just awesome!!! What did Kumar think of the arrangement? That is was fair enough, and that's probably one of the reasons why we've been married for so long (lol)?! This time, I'll leave you on festive note and not on one of me pining for silly Gucci's: last Tuesday, July 27th and two beautiful kids later, Kumar and I had been married eight years. We still haven't done the actual celebration, but Kumar has it all planned out: a dinner at which restaurant he won't tell of course, we'll probably go see Salt and then Kumar's got us reservations at the brand spanking new Le St-Martin Hotel Particulier - whoa, TMI, I know, I know, but before that conjures up any funny images in your mind, I bet you that we'll most likely conk out in 2 seconds flat so don't get too excited!;)

Kumee: I probably don't tell you this enough, but I love you so much! I rely so heavily on you, and you've always always been there for me, through thick and thin. Thank you for championing my cause! I admire you for your maturity and for your Godfearing qualities. You are a wonderful hubby and an examplary daddy to our little cuties. I am so proud of us!!!

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