Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The D-I-Y demi-god

You don't understand, this situation didn't need to happen. The door handle had been loose for sometime by then and Kumar kept putting off fixing it. I guess, I can say that his lack of handy skills comes with the territory of being metrosexual and just as how he can't cook to save his life, he can't fix a leaking tap either even if his life depended on it. These are things that he likes to leave up to the pros. It's a good thing he has no qualms about shelling out money for repairs and servicing. And the time I decided to paint our kitchen & bathroom, he was pretty sure I'd manage if he left me to my own devices and left me he did!

Don't get me wrong Kumar is not completely helpless, I must give it to him for assembling all of the IKEA stuff we have in our house. Like the Hopen bedroom set, or the kids' identical Malm chest of drawers, and even Maya's Disney Princess bed from Toys r Us. All without even consulting the instructions - couldn't blame him, though, IKEA manuals are infamous for being the most ambiguous set of directions out there, with the (Swedish?) stick men and totally superfluous steps! But I've always wondered if the extra screws and bolts he'd always end up with are really "extra" for just in case, like the rivets that come with his Seven jeans or the extra PETA-approved faux ivory buttons for his Boss shirts!!! Or whether they are really meant to go somewhere to actually reinforce the furniture??? He takes great pride in the mammoth feat of having hung up most of the pictures on the walls around our place and always believes that accomplishing the gargantuan task of changing burnt-out lightbulbs merits a pat in the back and my generous praise which I'm usually willing to shower him with.

But yesterday's incident left me exasperated beyond belief. And yet, I don't think my hubby's a lost cause either, he just might turn out to be like my dad one day. According to my mom, my father, wasn't handy either in the beginning of their marriage. In fact, once he had not only hammered but sawed his own thumb!!! But soon after purchasing their first home, he morphed into a D-I-Y demi-god. The feathers in my dad's figurative hard hat include finishing the basement of our old house replete with a tufted upholstered bar. Hanging up wallpaper in very room, adding a shower to the downstairs toilet/laundry room. Landscaping our front lawn with a rock garden, laying unistone on our driveway, and building a gazebo in the backyard from scratch - among other things - well, maybe with a little help from my uncle, who, he himself once surprised my aunt by building a deck while she was away in Europe for three weeks! He rewarded himself after with a brand new barbecue, which I think you'll agree he totally deserved!!! I can't even begin to tell you all of the work my dad did on our old house in the Philippines, of course he built a cute little palapa in our backyard there, too! But that's my parents' generation. And while renovation and construction and it's many trades and subtrades will always be around, more and more kids are choosing and pursuing white-collar careers over the more hands-on ones. And while my mom has such a green thumb, and can sew and cut hair as well as she can give injections, I can't even get a single houseplant to thrive, let alone plant a whole rose garden. I can't sew buttons back onto my blouses, let alone hem pants that almost always come too long for me off the rack, nor cut Jaden's bangs straight but I do get deliriously excited when my spreadsheets balance!

No, I don't expect Kumar to tile a backsplash behind our stove for me or add mouldings to the kids' room any time soon - who has the time anyways in this day and age? But for starters, if he could invest in an Allen key set and tighten all the door knobs and handles in the house to prevent another incident such as the one that took place yesterday, needless to say, I'd be one really happy woman!!!

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