Sunday, June 27, 2010

Erratum: My take on the Pursuit of Beauty!!!

I profusely apologize for the little slip up on my last post. Apparently I just made mummified Queen Nefertiti as well as King Tut, respectively roll over in their tombs...or wherever it is, that is, they currently rest!!! As it turns out the eye kohl used in Ancient Egypt although being primarily derived from lead, posed no known threat to one's eyesight. As a matter of fact, it was actually beneficial, in that it had antibacterial properties, preventing infections and it would also "ward off flies and the "evil eye" that they staunchly believed in." The eye kohl was used by both men and women and the practice or what I like to call art, of lining their eyes to achieve that feline look (think Angelina Jolie) was their way of paying homage to the cat, an animal they obviously very much revered - just refer to their hieroglyphics! At any rate, I'm still glad for my make-up bag essential, hypoallergenic MAC "smolder" eye kohl which as far as I know, is not supposed to contain even a smidgen of lead and I would never trade in my latest acquisition/baby, Inglot matte eyeliner gel, which I'm still learning to apply properly with my MAC #266 angle brush (meow!) for the original lead-laden concoction from the land of the Nile!!!

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