Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stamps and Friendship

I've already spoken at length about Kumar with my whole eight-series part devoted to him...and yet I find myself looking to him again for something worthwhile to blog about, Kumar is proving to be like a self-replenishing well that I can keep drawing ideas from...good thing, too, for just what would I do without him???

So as the great multitude of followers of this blog already know, Kumar has quite an enviable tie collection. And now that we're off the subject of metrosexuality, I'd like to turn my attention to his stamp collection. Granted, it's hardly as exciting as his ties, nevertheless it does merit an honorable mention, for it is impressive including some really noteworthy stamps that he had accumulated over his childhood, two albums full in fact. I have no idea how much they're worth, but he says it would be interesting to get them appraised just for the fun of it and to actually find out their dollar value.

Now apart from Kumar's two albums of his own personal collection of stamps acquired through trading or buying with saved up lunch money, he also has a third album which he received as a going-away present from his bestfriend in grade school. It had to be his bestfriend's most treasured possesion but he still gave it to Kumar. Now that's what I call a true friend. And what I found utterly cute is the little note his bestfriend wrote to him in the back of the album in his fifth-grade scribble, it reads:

To my best friend,

Some love one,
some love two,
but I love one,
that is you!!!

There is a big ship,
there is a small ship,
but I like one ship,
that is friendship!!!

Awwwwww.... Kumar says it's cheesy but I say it's sweet. I don't think expressions of love and friendship get any more sincere than that. Especially, coming from the uncorrupted heart of a 10-year-old. Kumar says he wonders sometimes whatever became of his bestfriend. I say it's funny how he hasn't found him on Facebook yet. Because have I ever found out what became of certain ones that I used to wonder about owing to my endless Facebook Adventures and after all Facebook transcends all racial barriers, and it's patronage is definitely not confined to only persons making up a certain demograph, everyone's on it, I guess it's just a matter of time 'till he turns up....

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