Friday, June 18, 2010

We tight

At fifteen months, Jaden seems to have reached or so I hope he has, the pinnacle of his struggle with seperation anxiety. I really hope this is the worst that it will ever get and that it should start getting better because these days, even my being within his plain view won't suffice, and if he had his way, he'd have me drop everything I'm doing to carry him all day long. My friend, Candice says her son Kingston is like velcro and I compare my Jaden to crazy glue. Unfortunately, playing piggyback is fine for only so long, and my forearms, not my abs are getting ripped, appearing incongruous to the rest of me. Also, eating is not something overrated but quite imperative in fact, and creating a semblance of clean that Kumar buys is not just optional, but a must in this house. So I can only hope that Jaden doesn't take it as I sign that I don't love him when I put him down and let him cry it out. And although I feel so terrible because it seems too early to have to bring home to him the harsh reality that life is not one leisurely walk in the park with just roses to smell along the way, I know he needs to grow some backbone and suck it up sometimes!!!

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  1. he'll live we all have a life you know!