Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kumar: My favorite Metrosexual - Third Installment

4.You can make her lamb shanks and risotto for dinner and Eggs Benedict for breakfast... all from scratch.

Kumar can't cook to save his life. In the Philippines, everyone knows how to cook a pot of rice, it's a basic survival skill passed down from generation to generation. When Kumar first told me that he couldn't even do that, I got worried, I thought well won't he starve to death without me?? But then I quickly realized that in the North American setting, this would be very unlikely considering all of the prepackaged, overly refined, microwaveable alternatives available (yuck).

Kumar can't cook, to him this is something he would rather delegate, and leave up to the experts to compensate for his lack of culinary skills. And although he has no reservations about wolfing down a Big Mac on occasion, his taste buds are also quite refined, of course, he's metrosexual. His favorite cuisine is Thai. He'll eat at Thai Express at the foodcourt downstairs of Harry Rosen at least twice a week. But that's fast food Thai. He took me once to an authentique Thai place located along the Main, called Red Thai - you know the bill's going to be steep when the seating hostess looks like a supermodel, the menu's don't show the price, and you get both a hot towel and a "trou Normand" between the entree and the main course! But more memorably, for our first year anniversary he took me to this awesome Thai haunt nestled in the hub of the Soho District of New York City. I think I'll spend a bit of time enumerating the cozy, trendy ( I like the word swanky!) places he's taken me every July 27th for the next six years thereafter:

2nd year: Ferreira

3rd year: Cavalli

4th year: Garcon: unfortunately, this wonderful French restaurant had closed since. Located on Sherbrook, across the Sofitel, the owner of which, Norman Earvy being Kumar's client. When we went, Norman insisted that our meal was on the house which we of course, reluctantly yet happily accepted. Oh, weren't we in for a gastronomical experience! He had his chef whip up a miniature sampling of his entire menu which ranged from, seared bison to foie gras topped off with the most delicious creme brulee I've ever tasted hands down!! But now that it is sadly closed, I must embark on another mission in search of a creme brulee runner-up :(

5th year: Karma

6th year: Le Pois Penche

7th year: Trinity; another gorgeous restaurant that had closed down since. It was owned by restaurant mogul Peter Morentzos who also happens to own Queue de Cheval among others. Trinity, was an upscale Greek place, where the minute you walk in you'd be instantly transported to Santorini or one of the other Greek Isles that the restaurant evokes with its crisp white interior and high-vaulted ceilings and scrumptious scrumptious seafood menu.

Hmmmm, well, I don't know about you but I'm feeling hungry all of a sudden...I know Kumar has something up his sleeve again this year...Oh la la, I can't wait!!:)


  1. What?! They closed Trinity?!?! I was only there once and it was when I was first pregnant with Scarlett. It was probably the most sick I had ever been during my pregnancy. I couldn't even eat anything!!! I had to leave early I was so sick. Ever since Darryl has been wanting to take me back to enjoy a meal there because apparently it was amazing. Kumar has good taste in restos!! :)

  2. Somewhere in Paris this year???

  3. Anonymous...i'll be sending kumar subliminal messages from tonight forward....

  4. Natash apparently yes...accdg to kumee...hey, maybe we should get together to wine & dine somewhere swanky???!!! I would love that!!!

  5. Oh Yes!!! Great idea! Let's do that soon!... maybe weekend after the convention.

  6. wooohooo we'll talk