Thursday, June 17, 2010

A vacation waaayyyy overdue...

It's been over a decade since I went home to the Philippines. I think Kumar is actually secretly scared to take me there because he knows me all too well. I have this thing for always wanting to move wherever we end up going on vacation to, I always seem to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. But you see the difference between Kumar and I, is that while he likes to engage in some what I think is tantamount to self-torture by recounting the most minute day to day details of a sun destination trip after coming home to a raging blizzard going, "Huns, at this very moment last week we were beach bumming on hammocks sipping on ice cold pina coladas, hey, remember the gentle and rhythmic sound of the waves lapping on the powdery white sandy shore and the idyllic sound of rustling palm leaves overhead that would lull us to sleep??? I, on the other hand, don't just long for the past. I envision and devise ways to return and stay there permanently although I haven't proven to be successful yet! Like the last time we went to the States. I had my mind set on relocating there. I spent about a month afterwards engrossed in my research on finding out how one might obtain the much-coveted green card. Did you know there exists what's called the "green-card lottery" which is exactly as what it's name denotes? A lottery where a person's name is entered for a chance to be drawn, the grand prize being, a green card?? I was so close to giving in our names, but then, my conscience spoke, in it's usual dull monotone: "Aimee, there might be some moral and ethical implications to this....could this possibly constitute gambling"??? To which I responded, "Awww, forget it then"...and then forgot about it. And then there was that time after coming back from Mexico, when I conducted a whole feasibility study on selling T-shirts on the beach, to see whether it might be a viable way to eke out a living there. Needless to say, that didn't fly with Kumar even after presenting him with a report replete with facts and figures and my subsequent longish dissertation. Fine, laugh at me, but in my defense, they both seemed like excellent if not genius ideas at the time (lol)... So I guess Kumar must think he has valid reason to be apprehensive that if we were to vacation in the Philippines, I'd probably come up with a hundred and one reasons why we should stay and settle down there and would probably have to hear about it for whole month thereafter - something he's just not prepared nor willing to put up with anymore. My only hope of convincing him to take me, I guess, is if I were to promise him no more quests into legal requirements, no more business plans nor checking out local job listings and neither a peep out of me even remotely insinuating the idea while there or upon return from there?? Maybe on that condition, just maybe!


  1. I'm like that too but my crazy forays into moving somewhere don't generally affect anyone but me..good stuff i like it!

  2. lol lori these posts are getting to be lame...need to write about kumar again...